Research-and-production enterprise "KVN-Agro" is the independent company, making seeds of oil-producing cultures, trading and financing seeds, mineral fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural machinery and accessories, the commodity agricultural products, advising the clients on any questions of application of these goods in the practice, deserved trust of partners understanding their requirements.

The target of "KVN-Agro" is to stimulate agricultural enterprises to increase production of sunflower, flax, rape, soy-bean and corn by propagation, scientific recommendations and consultations, delivery of high-quality seeds, mineral fertilizers, pesticides, financing and reliable purchase of agricultural production under the high price and to form necessary structure of areas under crops for high productivity of grain and oil-producing cultures for maintenance of stable manufacture and realization of production of plant growing.

Nowadays, the holding "KVN-Agro" unites six controlled companies:

Ltd. "KVN-Agro" - Wholesale in Russia and export of agricultural products (flax, rape, peas, barley, chickpeas, sunflower).

Ltd. "Stavropolmasloprodukt" - Sale of seeds, plant protection products and fertilizers. Agricultural lending. Consultations.

JSC "FES-Semena" - Seed enterprise. Production and preparation higher reproduction seeds of winter wheat, winter and spring barley, flax, rape, peas, sunflower, corn.

Ltd. "Agrovita" - Project co-production with farmers of commercial volumes of flax, rape, wheat. Consultations.

Ltd. "Ltd NITS SSSS" - Project co-production with farmers of commercial volumes of flax, rape, wheat. Consultations.

Ltd. "Luch" - Commercial production of wheat, flax, rape, peas. Storage and sale of mineral fertilizers with the company JSC "EuroChem".


The company has begun the activity since 1989 as a small enterprise «Mysl» with introduction of scientific workings-out in the agricultural enterprises of Stavropol region, and also manufactures biohumus, fruit saplings and seeds of flowers. Assortment of production and field of activity in due course has extended. The big merit for it belongs to the company founder - professor, doctor of agricultural sciences, Kurennoy Valery Nicholaevich. In a consequence the small enterprise "Mysl" has been reorganized at first in Research-and-production enterprise "KVN", then in "KVN-Agro". Gradually our company has achieved brand of the significant operator in the market of oil-producing crops.

"KVN-Agro" organized the project of growing of rape on the territory of North Caucasian and imported high-quality seeds. In a few years the area under rape crops was increased in 4 times, quality and productivity were improved to a great extent.

Agricultural enterprises together with our company produce annually 20 000 – 50 000 tons of high-quality rape-seeds. In 1997 oil-making factories on the South of Russia began to process of rape-seeds. At the same time considerable consignments of rape-seeds, produced on North Caucasian, were exported to Europe.

In 2003-2004 our company together with agricultural enterprises has successfully introduced the project of cultivation of oil flax. The certificated seeds and herbicides have been supplied, crediting on the expected crop is made.

The flax area in Stavropol region has increased in 6 times and continues to grow. The Rostov and Volgograd region, republics of Kabardino-Balkaria and the North Ossetia have become interested in oil flax and successfully are engaged in its growing.

By the end of 2006 successfully having celebrated the 17-year-old anniversary, we have proved as stable, growing, offering new directions the company, having more 200 large and more 1000 average and small clients in Stavropol region and behind it limits, providing a favorable price level on the goods and services with obligatory technical support.

Now Research-and-production enterprise "KVN-Agro" is engaged in cultivation of varieties and hybrids of sunflower, flax, rape, corn, wheat and barley, peas, soy-bean and other seeds of domestic and foreign selection, pesticides, fertilizers, agricultural machinery and accessories.

In spring of 2007 "KVN-Agro" became one of members of a branch consortium «Unioil Groups» into which structure also have entered some enterprises of Russia. The building-projects of elevators, oil-making factories and oil-receiving port on Azov sea are realizing in frame of this consortium.

The employees of our company have higher education in the field of agriculture work. They are vigorous, interesting people, professionals of the business.

The company buys the oil-seeds, grown up by agricultural enterprises, sells in Russia and exports to Europe through the Black Sea and Baltic ports.

"KVN-Agro" co-operates with the recognized in world seed and chemical companies: "Pioneer" (USA), "Syngenta"; (Europe), "DSV" and "Lembke" (Germany), All-Russia scientific research institute of oil cultures (Krasnodar, Russia), All-Russia scientific research institute of corn (Pyatigorsk, Russia), "Cheminova"(Denmark), "Dupont" (USA), "Agro-Kemi" (Hungary), "Bayer" and "BASF" (Germany), "Dow AgroSciences" (USA), "Euralis Semences" (France), "Arysta LifeScience" (Japan).


"KVN-Agro" renders complex services (consultations, sale and crediting by seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, buying production under the high price).

We have qualified personnel, wide experience of work with russian and the foreign companies, faultless reputation.

To you will provide a high degree of quality of the put goods and consulting services.

We observe confidentiality and we are guided by professional etiquette principles.

We remember that the affliction of poor-quality production lasts much longer than short pleasure from the low price.


Into structure of board of directors and founders of research-and-production enterprise "KVN-Agro" enter:

Mjasoedov Victor Viktorovich - general director, candidate of agricultural sciences. Purchase of seeds, pesticides and fertilizers, planning of local seed-growing.

+7 (962) 400-58-93, +7 (8652) 905-893

Musov Roman Nickolaevich - deputy director, candidate of agricultural sciences. Sales of seeds, pesticides and fertilizers, planning of marketing.

+7 (962) 400-58-98, +7 (8652) 905-898

Kazmin Evgeny Nikolaevich - financial director, candidate of economic sciences. Purchase and realization of agricultural production, financial planning and work with foreign partners.

+7 (962) 443-92-02, +7 (8652) 439-202


Accurate work with clients is provided with leading specialists:

Eremin Evgeny Vasilevich - commercial director.

+7 (962) 440-82-86, +7 (8652) 408-286

Terehov Alexander Aleeksevich - commercial director.

+7 (962) 440-82-87, +7 (8652) 408-287


Book keeping at the enterprise provide:

Shulieva Elena Vladimirovna - chief accountant.

Ovcharova Elena Petrovna - deputy chief accountant.

Kozel Elena Anatolevna - bookkeeper-economist.

Kalashnikova Nadejda Ivanovna - leading bookkeeper.

Potyaga Irina Anatolevna – bookkeeper.


Law and HR department:

Vasilchenko Juriy Grigorevich - lawyer, head of law and HR department.



355042 Russia, Stavropol, Dovatertsev 61, of. 450

Phone/fax: +7 (8652) 94-83-67, 94-83-68, 94-83-69

e-mail: kvn-agro@mail.ru